Gau Shala

Gau Shala

Today this revered animal suffers unimaginably at the hands of humans who exploit it incessantly. Cows are butchered mercilessly for their skin, meat and bones. Despite cow slaughter being illegal in most parts of the country, they are being killed mercilessly and brutally – legs chopped off, nails hammered into their skull, necks slowly cut, forcing them to die slow painful deaths.

They are also injected with hormones to increase production of milk. Their calves separated at birth so that the entire milk produced can be sold, without understanding the pain of this all-giving mother. They are left scrounging for food at garbage dumps where they ingest plastic wastes and succumb to a painful death.

What most people do not know is that these gentle bovines, have a very complicated digestive system, and with continued ingestion of plastic over a period of time, it gets trapped in their stomachs forever with no scope for excretion or digestion, therefore getting entangled with different materials inside and turning hard, like cement in their rumens (the first belly of the cow). This is a ‘Plastic Cow’ and it is sentenced to a slow, gruelling death.

Infact many NGOs have reported that surgeries on such cows that have been brought in on some occasions, have removed over 30-40 kgs of plastic from their bellies in addition to iron mesh, stones, sand etc.


The cow has been called the mother for a reason. Everything it produces is for the benefit of mankind and creation at large. The all-giving cow gives mankind Nourishment (milk and dairy products), Medicines (Panchgavya, cow urine which acts as a natural pesticide), Agriculture (bio- pesticides and manure as a fuel and natural fertilizer) and Energy (biogas). As she walks down our soils, the land gets tilled and free of termites, when we wish to interact with the gods and goddesses; we make use of her ghee and upla to perform a yajna.

Please support our projects

Rescue operations.

We rescue cows from slaughter house and from cruel transporters.We have a law stating that only 6 cows can be transported in a truck but so as to decrease the cost of transport they are stuffed in. Apart from the difficulty for the cows like space, food and water, there is a risk of cow falling down/sitting which would result in the cow dying due to a stampede.

Providing food, shelter and medical care

All beings have right to live life till they meet death by natural ways and humans should not determine their life span. We ensure that all our saved cows live a good life till their death. Good nutritious food, medical care and love is given to all our rescued cows.

Researching on cow products.

Spreading awareness is a very important factor and would require a lot of volunteering. Research to re discover the forgotten cow products which would mean extra income to framers even when a cow is dried of milk. This would prevent them from selling the cows when they are dried of milk.